martes, 10 de abril de 2012

Due to unforseen circumstances there my be a longer wait than usual for the next chapters of all my stories; I have restricted computer access (again. Yeah...) I'll be back soon I promise, but it'll take me longer, especially if I can't get to my computer when I have a spark of genius (like that's gonna happen). No I feel a little bad about the cliffie...

domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Chapter 15

First order of business: a warm welcome to fandomorama! I'm glad you like the story. Now...

Using Headhunterz as the song is just 'cause two of my friends have completely entrenched me in dubstep. It bares no significance whatsoever to the plot of the chapter.

The abrupt ending isn't the worst thing I could have done: you guys should see what SoundShield11, the master of angst and evil laughter, was doing to us with his fantastic "The Dark Wolf" (if you're a fan of Twilight slash and Paul, you should really check that out!)

So, all around, a warm thank you for reading, reviewing, alerting and favouriting "Animal". *hugs all her lovelies*

Till next time, Phe xxxxx