viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011


I'm wasn't really a gamer (I didn't get any form of game console until I was ten) but I have a friend who's pretty cool, he's four years younger than me and he's basically my little brother and a part of my exceedingly large adopted family (according to my heart I have four extra sisters, two extra mums, two extra dads, an extra cousin and an extra brother, as if I didn't have enough family), and this friend, known as Freckles, was watching a LP of Minecraft and I was hooked by the floating islands and the ability build. We're gonna meet up and have a Minecraft day with our laptops, 'cause we're just that geeky. So I'm officially converted. What I wanna know is; how do you film your gaming?  

viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011

DC or Marvel...

Don't get me wrong, I don't collect comic books and I'm not some major comic book geek, but I do love every comic book movie I've seen; X-Men, The Avengers Series, The Dark Knight, Hellboy, Watchman, etc... and I know enough about their origins to have the "DC or Marvel" conversation. My mother, apparently, doesn't. Imagine: me, my mam and one of my friends who's a total film buff;
Me and my mate: squeeing over Ledger's Joker and the funny scenes from Thor.
My Mam: blank look
Mate: DC or Marvel?
Me: Both!!
'Cause that's my stance on the matter.

And if anyone could tell me where to start reading for both continuities, 'cause they both never seem to start, just run endlessly into one another. Be a real help!! Phe xxxxx

domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011


Sweet is a companion/sequel fic to Beautiful. 
And (in case you were wondering) Tumbler, Freb and Mirror-Man all sleep in one room on three beds taken from wherever they moved out of before. Yeah, they actually stole the mattresses from the last flats they rented. 

I apologize whole-heartedly to all my Animal fans but Toby and Kip have stolen the spotlight of my imagination. I am working on Animal, but those two are so cute and I have projects and exams and excuses and stuff.

And I may of lied about not having Dom/Brian in my F&F fic. Yeah, my fics have casts full of Gay/Bi. I don't have a clue why...

Edit: Sweet has been removed due to me realizing it was extremely OOC and will be new uploads when I get them right