lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Chapter 8

#Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and bury them beneath the sea. I don't care what the people may say, what the people may say about me!#

Chapter Eight! Chapter Eight Is really Great (I hope?) 1881 hits, I love you all to bits! My name is Doof, and you'll do what I say! Whoot Whoot! (Okay, that just slipped out...)

I've decided (in my infinite wisdom) that instead of word salad ("Salutatios senbons". I mean, really?) I'm just gonna call you guys my rocking reviewers. Sound good?

Playlist for this Chapter: Pack Up-Eliza Doolittle, Love Shack-The B52's (the original song, using the title "Rusted Tin Roof"), Dirty Disco-Dizzee Rascal and Shine On-The Kooks. Woot for the Kooks, people!

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More Randomness...

1752 hits, 11 reviews, 7 favorites, 9 alerts! Whoa! Just ... whoa! I mean, you guys are the best!
Whilst you're waiting for me (sorry about that, gonna have a busy week, with Halloween and all) I suggest "A life between Heaven and Earth" by Abbysal 1 and "I Was Your Hero Once" by Lying In an Angels Arms, if you haven't already, XD.
I'm getting there with Ch. 8. Introducing someone new. Or am I? Lolsocks, you'll find out yourselves in a bit.

jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

Randomness ...

Okay, my class is officially brilliant. Me and my friends had an awesome time today, just chillin'. Neither of my bros are in my class, which is a first for me, so me and my best mate have a pretty cool time on our own. There's this poor boy, one boy in a class of eleven. But it's cool 'cause the English have taken him in and taught him some English and we get along, although our conversations are really random
I didn't skip Wikus's latest cycle, I just didn't mention it. It did happen, pretty soon after he started designing the markings.

miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

You guys are brilliant!

I figured out how to check my story stats: 1616 hits! On Animal alone!!!!!! I think I died; having people who actually, ya know, enjoy the stuff I write is ... bloody brilliant, to be stereo-typically British for a sec.

The Markings, I thought I might explain, look kinda like, er, tribal meets rococo. Spiky, sure, but really over-emphasized, with loads of curly bits and swirly bits. Ya know, *makes hand gestures that look vaguely perverted*, er, *trails off*, you guys get the picture, right? Hope so ... 'cause, ya know, that's all your getting.

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Chapter 7

Yay!! Finally. Sorry, guys. I had a literature exam and I had to study for it. I used Fireflies, Hot Air Balloon, Sunburn, I'll Meet You There and Panda Bear by Owl City to write Ch. 7, and I've now decided to layoff the synth-pop for a while, I'm getting way too bouncy. I'd like to thank Cordiss for the mental image of a Poleepkwa in Aurora's pink ballgown. With a tiara.

The idea of the markings ... I actually have no idea where that came from, it just appeared one day and refused to leave until I wrote it in.
Like I mentioned I'd love some fan art, probably of the markings, just to see if you guys are getting what I'm trying to express.

 More virtual hugs for tenth reviewer!! Phoenix xxxxx

domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

Okay, here we go...

I'm writing Ch. 7 as we speak, but it's longer than most so, patience please. As I mention in it's AN, if anyone wants to comment here they can. Also, fan art would be awesome, 'cause, as I've mentioned I'm not much of an artist. Phexxx

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

Delay on Chapter 7

I'm so sorry that it's taking so long. Please, just bare with me. I've had my internet access restricted due to a rather bad exam result and a wobbly thrown courtesy of my mother. I'm working on it, okay, so don't lose faith, people. 

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viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011


I've created several of my own glyphs. They're not as complex as the first one, but I thought I'd give it a  go.
 Krelaktyden Glyph: 

 Niklaket Glyph:

Poleepkwa Symbol (not actually a glyph, but a symbol that imitates the glyph's style, but signifies Poleepkwa in general):

jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

Chapter Six

God, that was difficult. It's really short actually, but I think it got the point across. Some of the lyrics of the song do fit the story now that I really listen. "He's not invisible anymore", for example. One of the last lines of the film is about how widely known Wikus has become, whilst before he was just, ya know, average Joe type thing.

I've got a History exam tomorrow and I don't remember anything. Oh, shite. Wish me luck! 

As Promised ...

*Virtual Hugs* to YoshisSupport for your comment! Yes, the word list just keeps on growing! The Tanya thing is being solved in Ch. 6; you'll see when you read it. The song I chose for it has been nagging at me since I heard it, 'cause it's really sad and I just felt like the meaning of it called out to exactly what Wikus is going through.

Would you like to see the most productive thing I did in Literature class today?

I was just bored 'cause my teacher did a disappearing act, and in her absence I just thought I'd try out the glyph one more time. It came out brilliant, right?

As pointed out, the word list is growing, 'cause I believe that the words have more meaning in Poleepkwa than in English, more feeling.

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

Chapter 5

Wow! I did it! Don't know if I did it justice. I hope so. I've got a feeling I'm taking the "Tanya" part a bit too fast. *Grimace* I have a History exam Friday, so might not get an update for a while.

Whilst I was writing it, I took my headphones off and Finn had on this really weird film called 'The Experiment'. I have absolutely no idea what that was about. Then he put 'Mary Poppins' on. I ask you: What the hell? Sometimes, my house seems to breed crazy people. And, yes, I do consider myself crazy.

Love, Phe xxxxxx

Pre-Chapter 5 rambling 2

Okay, Ch. 5 carries on the light-hearted tone of Ch. 4. Less angst, more Wikus-getting-Integrated. I, personally, got a bit fed up of fics skipping straight to Christopher coming back, but I'm not gonna be able to chronicle all the time that passes; I'm gonna introduce some people, then time-skip so you can see how it's going.
Also on Ch. 5's playlist is School's Out-Alice Cooper and Caramelldansen-Caramell (in English) (idk why) and I spent all day on the computer and have ... not much to show for it. Seems my writing spree is winding down some.
I did some more doodles of the Graketd glyph, but they all sucked. My imagination-to-paper conservation-of-awesomeness is very low when it comes to drawing.  
I just went to my fridge and there's this tiny little bottle of lemonade (that's soda if you're american) and none of us have a clue where came from, but it's exactly what I was looking for. Spooky O,o
I just looked at my stats and I have 4 from the US, 1 from Canada and 1 from Germany. I'm Worldwide? Awesome.

Pre-Chapter 5 rambling

I have a day off school so I slept rather late. I was thinking about taking a day off, but no rest for the wicked. So you get your fix, lol.

Hey, am I the only person who gets so engrossed when they're writing that  they don't realise what's happening? Last night after I finished chapter 4 I was starving and when I went upstairs (me and my brothers get the whole bottom floor without parents barging in as long as we don't make to much mischief and come up regularly for food) and my mum was like "Look who finally decided to show up!". When I looked at the clock I was like O,o

Some thing I found out last night: There is porn involving Pyramid Head. Some of it's actually pretty good. Although vaguely disturbing.

Wow, I just checked on Animal and I have 4 reviews. You'll get (virtual) hugs when I get to 5!

 Love Phe xxxxx

Graketd Heiroglyph

I was watching District 9 really early this morning and I saw this symbol. I doodled it down a few times until I got it more or less right. Cool, huh? Working on my Coloring=Caste structure Paul (WoG this was the name of Christopher's yellow buddy in the film) was one of the graketd and the "gang symbol" on his hut was the hieroglyph that represents them.
 So; Ta da!!!!!!! Thank God I took the picture as soon as I woke up though, 'cause Finn (my bro) spilt hot choclate on it. It's not ruined, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Love, Phe xxx

martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Chapter 4 is UP!

Chapter four is up. As well as the title song I also listened to "Sexy and I Know It" and "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO, more for they're get-up-and-dance value than the words. More Poleep-speak so hope you read the A.N. Thank you to YoshisSupport and Ai-Sama for they're reviews. Good to know you have fans. Wikus my seem a little hyperactive at first, but I always imagined him sorta like that, plus, he's been stuck in a boring shack for two months with Al. Later when he's silent, it's not 'cause he's not still hyper, it's 'cause between what Hank told him and seeing the District as a Poleepkwa, he's got a lot to take in.Also, if you see the bit "Tanya, what about Tanya…" in the original the words got progressively smaller, but doesn't do that apparently, :( 
Luv Phe xxxxx


*Sings* I have three reviews, I have three reviews. My life is really awesome; 'cause I have three reviews!!!!

On an unrelated note, lots of people are in love with "Key to Merwe" by BlueBastard, but those of you who haven't read it, really should check it out, and therefore put more pressure on her/him to update, 'cause we're all doing to know what happens.

On another unrelated note, I have some exams this week, so I might not update for a while. But, cross your fingers!

Wow, Okay...

Okay, so this is my official blog as Phoenix xxxxx on and FlameFeathers on YouTube. And this is my first blog post. Okay... I probably should warn you that this will mostly be, as the name suggests, random musings about writing the fanfictions "Animal" for District 9 and "Snakes Belong In Slytherin" for Harry Potter, or me freaking out 'cause I got a review. God help you...