miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

Chapter 13

... has been a massive hit, apparently. The reviews I got are astounding, really; I'm not that good! But seriously, I'm very proud of myself for this last chapter. It's almost double most of the others! Thank you so much, to every one who kept the faith!

sábado, 21 de enero de 2012


This is what my old school did to commemorate it's tenth anniversary. It was supposed to be set to "Club Can't Handle Me Now", but we got done for copyright infringement. Basic idea was "we've called back some old students, put them with the new students, now where gonna walk around with a camera and a boom box, do a silly dance and be in three places in a nine minute video or you'll fail everything". The multiple appearance thing was managed by running the long way 'round the school, which is a long way. And then after all that we got done for copyright infringement. Go, Team(!) 

martes, 17 de enero de 2012


Ever had a dream within a dream? Ever had a dream about being in your pajamas in a public place? Ever had a dream about something that's going to happen soon and in the dream you fuck it up completely? I'd never had any of those before. Last night, I had all three in one go. Yay for me! (note sarcasm) I have a trip to Italy sometime in February but in the dream I fucked up really bad. And I had a back pack that was a bottomless fridge. That refilled empty cartons endlessly. I somehow managed to forget this at home. Along with my clothes. When I woke up into the real world, out of the second layer of the dream which was a repeat of the first, I found out I'd hit my snooze button. Twice. I was so late that Finn had to wake me up. And then I asked where my fridge-pack was. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah...

viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

Dark Of The Moon

Okay, I guess I'm pretty late on the uptake for DOTM, but I don't exactly go to the cinema it's all in Spanish. So Freckles borrowed a copy from Cam and I borrowed it from Freckles. 

How do you know your a geek? You can't watch footage of the moon landing without mentioning Steve.

But really, talk about gorn. And so much for the general no dying policy films have these days. Thank the heavens for Wheelie and Brains, ey? Poor Ironhide!

Also, the bloody awesome effects. How they lost to The Golden Compass I will never know. Fixed, I tell you. Fixed! (Ooh, there goes Sam with the 'OPTIMUUUS!!!' again) 

One of the other things I love about these films is the ho yay: Sam/Bee, Sam/Optimus, Sam/Lennox, Lennox/Epps, Epps/Sam, Sam/Leo, Leo/Simmons, Simmons/Dutch (I like Dutch, I very much want to fong his amazing brains out) etc...  

Sam has, it seems, got very good at running for his life and the fate of all humanity after two films. But when did he take orders from some smug bitch like her?

But Megatron; whats with the bloody cape, chains and rust look? 

Ha ha, run Sentinel! Run from the awesomeness that is Peter Cullen's voice! I don't care what legend voiced you! (Lol, he said "There can only be one!")

And there goes Megatron's spinal cord. And Sentinel's head. 

NOOOOOOOOOOOO, Simmons! Don't kiss her! She'll freeze you with her ice-bitch-interior! 

jueves, 5 de enero de 2012

Chapter 12

I used the entire Danger Days album ... 'cause I wanted to. My writing style my have be affected by watching Inglourious Basterds late last nightbwhen I couldn't sleep 'cause I was as sick as a dog.

I actually got a little depressed every time I checked my email and found I didn't have a review on Ch. 11. Give me reviews, please!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT:  Moonlight black rose mentioned that there was a lot of blood in ch. 12. That's 'cause  there's a fair bit of it in your average human being (not as much as 28 Days Later would like you to think, but still) and the Poleepkwa had killed a shed load of humans before we tuned in to the story. I tried to use different words for blood and guts every time I mentioned them. I realized that there are lots of words for that. Lots.