domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011


Sweet is a companion/sequel fic to Beautiful. 
And (in case you were wondering) Tumbler, Freb and Mirror-Man all sleep in one room on three beds taken from wherever they moved out of before. Yeah, they actually stole the mattresses from the last flats they rented. 

I apologize whole-heartedly to all my Animal fans but Toby and Kip have stolen the spotlight of my imagination. I am working on Animal, but those two are so cute and I have projects and exams and excuses and stuff.

And I may of lied about not having Dom/Brian in my F&F fic. Yeah, my fics have casts full of Gay/Bi. I don't have a clue why...

Edit: Sweet has been removed due to me realizing it was extremely OOC and will be new uploads when I get them right

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