viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012

The End *sobbing*

Oh My God! You guys it's really over! I have feels I can't explain right now: I'm so bloody proud my baby is considered  a 'master piece', 'FUCKING A' and 'one of the best D9 fics' and that I'm finally finished! And yet I'm so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad I like Hank and Jack and Kieran and Hector and Mitch and Kreklasn and Cedric and Wikus and I just can't #howdoiwords Why is it over?!?!? I love it so much there'll probably be a sequel or backstories of the less explained characters or just 'day in the life's or '50 things about's because I just *actually tearing up* I love them all so mu-hu-huch! Thank you for reading, reviewing, favouriting and alerting. I love you all as well! *stumbles off to find tissues*

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