martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

Apologies to all my rockin' reviewers for the delay; I'm really sorry! I didn't realize I've been MIA for a whole month!! (This is me groveling. Is it working?) Er ... bad things happened involving my parents and my course work and it sucked and let's not get into that. I've been trying to make my Princess Wikus vision a reality, especially since it wormed it's way into my subconscious.Yeah, no more cheese before bed...

The Sectors, I'm working on it and it'll be up soon.

The IOPET is pronounced I-O-Pet and it will be explained by the short story "Prawns as Pets?" that might be uploaded soon. Okay, might! Probably not very soon, but might ...

I'd like to thank everyone who's still hanging on! Love Phe xxxxx

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