jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Chapter 9!

Is up! Whoot!!

I'm sorry if it was a bit of an abrupt jump, or too soon. I can take criticism, just don't be mean. I'm delicate ... jk, tough as nails, me.

The parts in italics (when it isn't used as emphasis) is Wikus's (mostly victorious) Poleepkwa side, the bold is Wikus's (disappearing) human side (which only shows up when he's seriously depressed and doubting his choice to accept his place as Jikrenkld) and the bold italics is parts where his mindsets are unified into one, seriously determined, seriously pissed off dual-identity, which has the Poleepkwa side's devotion to his people and to Skirilla, and the human side's violence and slyness.

"Jar Of Hearts" by Christina Perri, "Promises" by Nero and (to a much lesser extent) "When Your Gone" by Avril Lavinge. Not 'cause I don't like it, but it didn't really fit; it had the poignancy that the chapter needed, but not the principle message of "Jar Of Hearts", which I interpret as 'You broke my heart, so fuck you, tosser." Which is, yeah, pretty much what I was going for with Wikus's behavior.

The Lokrst Markings on Jack are something else. Origanally there were three sets of Markings: Reasonable, Rekhalat and Riklasnt. But, ya know, the way I'm having them pair off and pop out sprogs is ridiculous if I was expecting them all to get Markings for it.

I'm probably gonna flunk History, so I might not post for a while. Sorry 'bout that.      

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