viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

Dark Of The Moon

Okay, I guess I'm pretty late on the uptake for DOTM, but I don't exactly go to the cinema it's all in Spanish. So Freckles borrowed a copy from Cam and I borrowed it from Freckles. 

How do you know your a geek? You can't watch footage of the moon landing without mentioning Steve.

But really, talk about gorn. And so much for the general no dying policy films have these days. Thank the heavens for Wheelie and Brains, ey? Poor Ironhide!

Also, the bloody awesome effects. How they lost to The Golden Compass I will never know. Fixed, I tell you. Fixed! (Ooh, there goes Sam with the 'OPTIMUUUS!!!' again) 

One of the other things I love about these films is the ho yay: Sam/Bee, Sam/Optimus, Sam/Lennox, Lennox/Epps, Epps/Sam, Sam/Leo, Leo/Simmons, Simmons/Dutch (I like Dutch, I very much want to fong his amazing brains out) etc...  

Sam has, it seems, got very good at running for his life and the fate of all humanity after two films. But when did he take orders from some smug bitch like her?

But Megatron; whats with the bloody cape, chains and rust look? 

Ha ha, run Sentinel! Run from the awesomeness that is Peter Cullen's voice! I don't care what legend voiced you! (Lol, he said "There can only be one!")

And there goes Megatron's spinal cord. And Sentinel's head. 

NOOOOOOOOOOOO, Simmons! Don't kiss her! She'll freeze you with her ice-bitch-interior! 

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