miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

Pre-Chapter 5 rambling

I have a day off school so I slept rather late. I was thinking about taking a day off, but no rest for the wicked. So you get your fix, lol.

Hey, am I the only person who gets so engrossed when they're writing that  they don't realise what's happening? Last night after I finished chapter 4 I was starving and when I went upstairs (me and my brothers get the whole bottom floor without parents barging in as long as we don't make to much mischief and come up regularly for food) and my mum was like "Look who finally decided to show up!". When I looked at the clock I was like O,o

Some thing I found out last night: There is porn involving Pyramid Head. Some of it's actually pretty good. Although vaguely disturbing.

Wow, I just checked on Animal and I have 4 reviews. You'll get (virtual) hugs when I get to 5!

 Love Phe xxxxx

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