jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

As Promised ...

*Virtual Hugs* to YoshisSupport for your comment! Yes, the word list just keeps on growing! The Tanya thing is being solved in Ch. 6; you'll see when you read it. The song I chose for it has been nagging at me since I heard it, 'cause it's really sad and I just felt like the meaning of it called out to exactly what Wikus is going through.

Would you like to see the most productive thing I did in Literature class today?

I was just bored 'cause my teacher did a disappearing act, and in her absence I just thought I'd try out the glyph one more time. It came out brilliant, right?

As pointed out, the word list is growing, 'cause I believe that the words have more meaning in Poleepkwa than in English, more feeling.

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