lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Chapter 7

Yay!! Finally. Sorry, guys. I had a literature exam and I had to study for it. I used Fireflies, Hot Air Balloon, Sunburn, I'll Meet You There and Panda Bear by Owl City to write Ch. 7, and I've now decided to layoff the synth-pop for a while, I'm getting way too bouncy. I'd like to thank Cordiss for the mental image of a Poleepkwa in Aurora's pink ballgown. With a tiara.

The idea of the markings ... I actually have no idea where that came from, it just appeared one day and refused to leave until I wrote it in.
Like I mentioned I'd love some fan art, probably of the markings, just to see if you guys are getting what I'm trying to express.

 More virtual hugs for tenth reviewer!! Phoenix xxxxx

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